I know you have seen fun covered wipey cases, but this wipey clutch takes it to the next level! These cases carry both diapers and wipes together! It is a wipey case covered in fun fabric with a pouch to hold diapers. They are fun, fashionable, convenient and make a great gift for any baby shower. Now when you need to change your baby, you are not sorting through your diaper bag for both a diaper and a wipes case. Life will be so much easier!

***Custom orders are available. I have a wide range of fabrics and ribbons to choose from, or you can buy your own and I will make it for you at a discounted rate.***

***Prices are just $20 per wipey case. Buy 3, get the 4th one free! Shipping is $2.50 per case. If you live local, you are welcome to save on shipping and pick up your case in person!

To order, send me an e-mail at elizabeth.larson@gmail.com and I will send you an order form through paypal for you to order and pay! It's safe, quick and easy!

About the Product

Being an on-the-go kind of mom, it is hard running errands with the kids, carrying a big diaper bag around and then searching endlessly for a diaper AND the wipes once my baby needs a change.  Putting the pouch on a traditional wipey case makes things so convenient but ALSO fashionable and fun.  I love experimenting with all the different options there are when combining the fabrics, ribbons, bows, flowers and buttons all together.  Some women pick out something based on the gender of their baby or the color of the diaper bag while others simply pick something they love whether is matches or not. That's another reason this is such a great gift- you can make it as personal as you want!  My fabrics come from a variety of places from JoAnn's, Brookes or even some fabric markets.  If I see it and I love it, I get it!  The fabric is put onto a Huggies Wipes Case and comes already stocked with Huggies Baby Wipes.

Once you have a wipey case, you won't ever be able to go back to your old ways of searching your diaper bag for a diaper and wipes.  Besides, everything in our lives is about our fun children and this is chance to have something fun for you that is also for your child. 

I put as much Quality and Care into making each case as I possibly can.  I always pay attention to the small details that are necessary in making a case last.  I thoroughly enjoy making each case. I try to keep them stocked for rush orders and special last minute gifts, so contact me anytime to get yours!